Learning about a Mixed Signal Oscilloscope (MSO)

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Learning about a Mixed Signal Oscilloscope (MSO)

Post by VK4GHZ » Mon Mar 16, 2020 8:24 pm

Another informative read from Keysight (formerly HP, then Agilent) this week.

Today’s embedded designs based on microcontrollers (MCUs), FPGAs, and digital
signal processors (DSPs) often include a combination of analog and digital signal
content. Design engineers have traditionally used both oscilloscopes and logic
analyzers to test and debug these mixed-signal embedded designs. However...

Other sections include:

What is a Mixed Signal Oscilloscope (MSO)?

Typical MSO Measurement Applications and Required Performance

Triggering On Mixed Signals

Turning On and Debugging a Real Mixed-Signal Embedded Design


Download PDF attachment:
Evaluating Oscilloscopes to Debug Mixed-Signal Designs
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