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WSJT-X configurations

Post by VK5PJ » Sat Dec 14, 2019 4:22 am

I am not sure if many people are aware or use these but they are one of the gems of WSJT-X.

Why so, well on the Configurations menu you can create a seemingly endless list of different configurations to match your operating habits. My shack PC has a list that goes like this:
WSJT-X-Config-1.jpg (18.35 KiB) Viewed 768 times
Now each one of these represents a status of the last used setup of WSJT-X, so for FT8 I can set my waterfall to be how I like it for every day use, bins/pixel N.Average s whether I use call 1st, custom messages, contest mode on or off, even fox and hound mode, its all there. When I select my WSPR configuration then my waterfall all changes automatically for me and I am HOT to go. Now each configuration can have a custom set of frequencies for you can create a config for a certain Dxpedition and select that and away you go.

You can also have your WSJT-X change radio and audio settings between Configurations so I could have one in there that connects to my IC-7600 and operate FT8 there, all by just creating and selecting a Configuration.

If any of the readers feel they would like to know more about this, leave a reply and I will post more on how to do this and make WSJT-X your friend and not a 'tricky ball of string'
Peter Sumner, vk5pj
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