Domain renewal until March 2021

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Domain renewal until March 2021

Post by ADMIN » Tue Dec 31, 2019 11:31 am

FYI, has been renewed until March 2021, and now in it's 16th year of operation.

Given the low level of activity on the forum, this may be the last renewal. :cry:
VK Logger Forum users are getting 15 months notice, to get ahead of the ill informed, although highly predictable, disinformation that will no doubt appear on the copy cat forum, after the fact.

For those that appreciate the dumbed-down Facebook environment was never meant be a replacement for a proper Forum in terms of being able to find technical content and making use of it, then I am happy to keep renewing it.

Facebook is great for instant gratification and living-in-the-moment attention seeking. However try searching back through the dribs and drabs (living-in-the-moment mentality, remember) buried amongst the never ending smart-ass comments.

Forums are better for posting technically orientated information that will help others well beyond your FB instant gratification period. Lots of topics here have helped others many many years after the original posting. This Forum is well indexed with the Google search engine. But try telling this to a social media addict with anxiety issues.

Do you post to genuinely help others get active in a particular interest, or are you just after some quick and easy attention seeking and counting those Facebook 'likes'?

Of course, the smart ones will utilise both platforms.
Cut 'n paste - not hard.
Get your instant gratification AND post content that can help others for years to come.

What projects are you working on?
Start a new topic and post up some details along with some images.
Supply enough information to help others get active as well.

Over to you - the choice is yours.
Actions matter.
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