TS-2000X no tx or rx after full reset

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TS-2000X no tx or rx after full reset

Post by VK6OX » Tue Feb 04, 2020 7:36 pm

While troubleshooting an issue with no audio o/p on pin 3 of the ACC2 connector, I decided to carry out a full reset.
I then used MCP2000 to reload memories, menus etc.
After disconnecting the PC to rig connection, I re-powered the rig and all memories/menu settings/functions appeared to be present, except no receive or transmit!
On the rx side, speaker noise was as if no antenna was connected. (It was!). Likewise, no tx.
The rig performed perfectly before I performed the reset.
Am I missing something fundamental, or do I have a more serious issue now?

Andy VK6OX
Andy VK6OX

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Re: TS-2000X no tx or rx after full reset

Post by VK5PJ » Thu Feb 06, 2020 1:04 pm

Hi Andy,
first thing I would do if it was mine, is another FULL reset but do not load any settings from before, check radios operation in this 'naked' state, there might have been a corruption in the saved setting and it may have tried to set a weird IF offset to the radio or corrupt and RF path to the filters.

Do all the DC functions work like the red TX light when you push PTT ?

Peter vk5pj

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