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New VKspotter

Post by VK2XAX » Sun May 12, 2019 12:28 pm

Hi all,

Hilary, VK2AZ has built a new spotter for us and it can be found at

We would like to invite as many people as possible to be testers and iron out any issues and provide feedback.

To lodge a bug or Feature Request, please follow the links under the Feedback tab, in the top right, once you have logged into the spotter.

You can see current feature requests and bugs on our tracker here... site is purely a development BETA test site, so spots on the site are (mostly) fake.

There will be lots of bugs and things that don’t work, or things that are not implemented yet, but I would welcome all comments which can be submitted on the sites Feedback page.

You are welcome to use the site for real spotting and chat, but the site may go down for updates at any time, and all data will be deleted once the site is deployed to it’s own domain.

You will need to create an account on the site which will send you an email for verification, so the email address you use should be real. Remember to check your spam folder for the email.

Once you are registered, go into the user profile and set your latitude and Longitude so that distance and bearings are more accurate.

Hilary says he is not a backend developer, so please be kind:-)



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Re: New VKspotter

Post by VK2AZ » Sat May 25, 2019 11:17 am

Hi all,

VKSpotter has now moved to
There are currently 250 members which I think is a good critical mass
to make the site useful.

Thank you to everyone that has contributed by becoming a member and
providing feedback, suggestions and encouragement.

Special thanks to Tim VK2XAX for hours and hours of effort with server
stuff and bug and enhancement reporting and keeping users happy.

There are many other people that have helped in some way with this
effort - we could not have got this far without you.

Of course it goes without saying that the biggest thanks goes to Adam
- VK4GHZ for the original VKLogger.

Don't tell him, but I borrowed lots of ideas and some code from his design :-)

There is still lots to do.
Go to the site and have a look at the feedback page.

What you see at the moment on the site is the minimum to make it
useful for everyone.

Keep the feedback and feature requests coming...

Hilary - VK2AZ
Glenmore Park NSW

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