IC-9100 no TX audio fault & a fix

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IC-9100 no TX audio fault & a fix

Post by VK3BA » Fri May 03, 2019 8:33 pm

G'day All,

I saw an interesting fault on my IC-9100 tonight. I've had this rig since about 2013 (inc 23cm & DStar options) and have regularly used it remotely from around VK3 via the BA1 remote client. One of the shack PC's is on 24/7 as is this rig for remote access. Been running fine for a few years.

Got home tonight, threw the Heil Proset headset on, hit the foot switch and no TX audio using the rig locally from the shack. Tried a desk mic, hand mic, etc... same result. Played around with the on-board mic audio gain settings... same result... using my IRLP node repeater in audio reflector mode. After a little bit of research, I performed a partial reset of the rig and now the TX audio is as good as gold. The rig now performs & functions as per normal.

I haven't seen that fault before, therefore I wonder if anyone else has? I suspect it was a once in a blue moon processor lockup...


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Re: IC-9100 no TX audio fault & a fix

Post by VK3RX » Sat May 04, 2019 2:09 pm

I bought mine back in 2012, with same options.

I had a similar fault and separately some other glitch quite some time back. Did a partial reset both times and the unit came good.

I put the causes down to thunderstorms in the area at the time, though if they were within about 5km the antennas would have been disconnected.
Damien VK3RX

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