QRM on call channels

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QRM on call channels

Post by VK3ZAZ » Tue Feb 26, 2019 7:53 am

The locals on morning rush doing their daily ragchews and counting up the qsos yack on 0.1 both 432 and 144
while in case of today VK5NNT and VK6VOX trying east
And then give up and drift away
Call channels are call CHANNELS
Not qso channels
So do we shift away from the CHAT channel
50.110 over again
Not to mention the alligators running CH5A pas getting 6x9 giving 3x3 lol
Shudda sent those pas to SImms recycling :thumbdown:
gotta hear it better than that guys

:popcorn: :om:
Tread your own path :om:

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