CalAmp 5760Mhz 12w amp

23cm, 2.4/3.4/5.7/10/24/47 GHz and above - antennas, propagation, operating, etc. Includes Optical communications, with light,
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CalAmp 5760Mhz 12w amp

Post by VK2XAX » Tue Feb 05, 2019 2:58 pm

Hi all,

I picked up this amp from K5GNA for great price.

It is 5760 MHz IMFET power, with 4 STAGES using 2 x IM5964-6 in the finals which supposedly should give about 12 watts out.

Robert doesn't have any more detail on it so I will have to reverse engineer it to work out the voltages etc.

So I thought I'd ask here if any one had seen these before and had information to share.

It is a California Amplifier model 54-100735-07.

Pic of the unit with its main lid off below.

Any info greatly appreciated



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