BV-Mast. (Portable mast fundraiser project)

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BV-Mast. (Portable mast fundraiser project)

Postby VK4UH » Mon Sep 10, 2018 11:35 am


As part of fundraising endeavors to maintain and run the VK4RTT/VK4RBB beacon chain (50MHz to 24GHz) the Brisbane VHF Group VK4IF is planning to produce lightweight telescope portable masts for portable, field-day, WWVF/VKFF, SOTA etc type activities.

These masts will be suitable to support HF wire dipoles, top-mounted Co-linear verticals, VHF/UHF yagis, gridpacks or modest dishes on the lower section. Or all of the above! With a suitable base insulator they can be loaded up for HF with an Auto ATU or loading coil

The design is in NO-way original and similar items have been available in Southern states before.

Our masts will be three-section 1.6mm wall thickness aluminium, “sweetly” telescoping and will be available in both 5.5m (which telescope down to 2m) and 8m (which telescope down to 3m) sizes.

It is proposed to supply them with locking pins, guy ring and a set high-tensile light-weight guys.

Other accessories eg base plates, insulators, loading coils, dipole centers or whip-antenna mounts may be produced in due course

Currently the project is still at the prototype stage so final costings have not been done. Realistically, for the fundraiser project, the 5.5m mast will probably be around $145 depending on how many orders are placed

We would welcome expressions of interest from anyone wanting further info when it is available

Please drop me an e-mail with your contact details to Kevin VK4UH

Kevin (KJ) VK4UH
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Re: BV-Mast. (Portable mast fundraiser project)

Postby VK4JAZ » Tue Sep 11, 2018 12:49 pm

Looks like just the thing I need. Count me in.
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Re: BV-Mast. (Portable mast fundraiser project)

Postby VK3HY » Wed Sep 12, 2018 2:45 pm

The portable mast looks great. I use a similar setup for FD activity. However, I found that clamping antennas to the top section can sometimes distort the shape of the aluminium tubing thus affecting its ability to telescope all the way down for transport. To overcome this, I now carry a separate short mast section that fits into the top section of the telescopic mast. The antennas are clamped to the upper part of the short mast section. In this way, the walls of the telescopic mast are not compromised. It might be worth offering an optional 'disposable' antenna mount pole with your telescopic mast kit.

Just a thought bubble FWIW from VK3HY.
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