/P operations, "Up Over"

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/P operations, "Up Over"

Postby G8PEF » Sat Aug 20, 2016 2:04 am


Just a short report about what's been going on in my neck of the woods during the last month...

I've been conducting /P operations on 3cm, 6cm, 9cm, 13cm, 23cm, and 70cm during the UKAC Tuesday eveing contests, from the top of the 'local' hill - Winter HIll, IO83ro. Activity on 3cm and 6cm (using wbfm) is low here, so my best 'dx' with my 10mW on 3cm was G3UVR (io83kh) at a distance of about 50km. 6cm was similar at around 45km to M0UFC/P (IO93ak) using 500mW.
On 9cm, with 4W and a grid dish I fared slightly better - managing a contact into IO81 (Trowbridge) and 3 contacts on 13cm that weren't 'locals'.

On 70cm with 10W, F8BRK (IN99vf) at 513km was a reasonably easy S4/5 contact (both ways) the last week, but on 23cm (10W) last Tuesday, he was coming in very strong - S9+ at times - due to some advantageous tropo activity, and I got an S7 report back.

It's back to the 4 SHF bands this coming Tuesday, but with poor weather in prospect, I don't hold out any hopes for spectacular DX :(

73 from a wet and windy NW UK
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