New Adelaide APRS I-Gate on 6m 53.050 1200 baud

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New Adelaide APRS I-Gate on 6m 53.050 1200 baud

Postby VK5GR » Sat Mar 26, 2016 10:28 pm

Those of you itching to try 6m APRS wait no longer! The VK5GR IGATE is now running in Adelaide on 53.050 with a filtered TX feed as well as RX to Internet gateways in operation.

The Node is also multipurpose - with a full FBB BBS, NET/ROM node and DX Cluster active on the node as well.

The gate is running 25w from Highbury in the Adelaide foothills. Reports welcome to

Grant VK5GR
Grant VK5GR
Highbury, South Australia

Adelaide Packet Network Node: VK5GR - 147.575 (1200 baud) + 53.050 (1200 baud including APRS IGATE)
VK5GR (BBS), VK5GR-2 (DXCluster), VK5GR-10 (NET/ROM Node)
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