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Identify Incorrect WSPR spots

Postby VK2KRR » Thu Feb 06, 2014 7:36 pm

A few incorrectly reported 6m WSPR spots today from DU1MGA.
Here is a few hints on how to quickly work out if WSPR spots are being reported to correct bands.

If you see some spots and are wondering if they are correct, first easy thing is, are the stations usually on that band (if your a regular you will know). In this case VK1CH and VK2HLG I've not seen on 6m WSPR before, but DU1MGA is always on 6m WSPR.

Incorrect WSPR spots

Second thing, copy one of the calls or note it down, then go to Database page, select ALL BANDS, put the transmitting stations callsign in the CALL box, select the time period appropriate and then press update.

Incorrect WSPR spots 1

The look through the spots. Here you can see that VK2HLG is transmitting on 14 MHz band and has been incorrectly reported by DU1MGA. Problem solved.

Incorrect WSPR spots 2
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