Help: VK Logger Mapping

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Help: VK Logger Mapping

Postby ADMIN » Mon May 11, 2009 12:40 am

Hi all

Inspired by the work that F6FVY has done with his mapping resource, VK Logger Mapping has now been upgraded to offer the same features!
Determining your own Grid Square, or latitude/longitude has never been easier.
No GPS required these days!

To access this, from the main VK Logger menu at the bottom, select Mapping.

Grid Squares (and Sub Squares) now feature a border, indicating the boundary of the square concerned.
If known, you can enter a Grid Square into the box, and the map will jump to that region.

Above: Revealing Grid Square QG62

1) Enter Grid
2) Left Click "Locate Grid"
3) The Grid boundary will appear!

Zooming the map in using the navigation controls, and Left Clicking on an area will reveal the Sub Squares.

Above: Showing Sub Square QG62LK

1) Navigate to desired location
2) Left Click on desired location
3) Positioning information (Lat/Lon & Grid) and the Sub Square it falls in will appear.
4) Optionally, you can also specify this point as an origin, to calculate the distance to your next position.
Once you have clicked the "Define as origin for distance calculation" button, naviaget your way to the next location of interest and left click.
Along with positioning information, the distance will be shown from the previously set origin.

"Mapping" is accessed from the main VK Logger menu, at the bottom.

:!: Note:
Mapping URL changed with this upgrade, so if you have previously bookmarked the Mapping URL, you will need to update your bookmark to:

There really is no excuse for not knowing your Grid Square now! :wink:

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