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Help - User Control Panel

Postby ADMIN » Fri May 30, 2008 4:23 pm

Users can update their profile and configure VK Logger settings to their own preferences via the "User Control Panel".

Above: Access your User Control Panel with the link found top right

Within the UCP, you can update your own profile, or the way VK Logger looks and behaves on your screen.
Select "My Profile" or "My Logger Settings" - self explanatory

Above: "My Profile" screen shot - self explanatory

Enter as much information as you care to share.
You have the ability to hide your email address, if that suits your situation.
A valid Grid Locator is required.
This is incredibly easy to determine, as well as your latitude and longitude, using the VK Logger Mapping facility.

Above: "My Settings" screen shot

To save your changes, click "Save Changes" button.

To cancel any changes, click "Cancel Update" button.

Common Settings


Default Logger as signed-in user
You can set your default Logger each time you sign-in.
Choices: 2/70/23 Logger, 6M Logger, HF Logger
This should be self explanatory.

Display Mode
Choices: Basic, Normal

If Dial Up users consider download times to be excessive with the v2 Logger, then try the "Basic" setting for lower bandwidth requirements.
Data appearing in the right-hand modules will never be downloaded, nor the scripting that makes those modules function.
The Basic display will look similar to GUEST MODE, and requires less data to be transferred.

This is the default

Display Max posts
You can set the maximum number of rows (once signed in) to suit your screen.
Choices: Guest Mode: 14 <<< This is the default<<<
Choices: Signed-In User: 14, 16, 18, 20
Choices: Signed-In site sponsor: 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30
This is useful if displaying in ascending order to prevent the latest posts from dissappearing beneath view.

Display post in
You can display posts in descending (latest post at top) or ascending (latest post at bottom) time order.
Choices: Descending time order, Ascending time order
Self explanatory.

Online Users List shows
Choices: Summary Only, Users/Guest - My Logger Only, Users/Guests - All Loggers
Summary Only - only shows number of users and registered guests. Saves screen space.
Users/Guest - My Logger Only - identifies actual signed-in users, and number of guests, only on the same Logger as you.
Users/Guest - All Loggers - identifies actual signed-in users, and total guests, irrespective of whether they are on the 2/70/23, 6M, or HF Loggers.

Hint: During busy times with lots of users, you can minimise the amount of screen space used by displaying a summary only.

Forum Topic Preview shows
Choices: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Configures how many recent topics are displayed in this module.
Click on the blue hyperlinks to jump to any of these topics, or a list of all new posts since your last visit to the Discussion Forums.

Individual Logger Settings:


Choices: Comments & SPOTs, Comments Only, SPOTs Only, DX Spots Only
This setting will determine what you see in the Message module on the left.
If you have no interest in the comments only, then select "SPOTs Only" to filter the comments out.
Likewise with "Comments Only", this will filter out any SPOTs.

DX Path Map Default Region
2/70/23 Choices: Aust/NZ, S/E Aust, The Bight, NZ, Tasman
6M Choices: Aust/NZ, S/E Aust, NZ, Asia, Pacific Rim, South West Pacific, -Wide-
Map default centers on your region of choice.

NOTE: There is no Path Map on the HF Logger, due to the fact that GoogleMaps cannot differentiate between short and long path.

DX Path Map Line thickness
Choices: Thin, Medium, Thick, Big Mama
Self explanatory - the relative thickness of lines plotted on the Path Map

DX Path Map Lines displayed up to
2/70/23 Choices: 90mins, 60mins, 30mins old only
6M Choices: 90mins, 60mins, 20mins old only

You can limit how long lines will appear on the DX Path Map for.
When lots of SPOTs have been made, throttling the time limit back can produce a clearer, less cluttered, map.
You can have different settings for both the 2/70/23 and 6M Loggers.
Default is 90 minutes.

DX Path Map Show Recent Marker
Choices: Show, Hide

Above: Map Markers Hidden - recommended, if there are many plots on a crowded map

Above: Map Markers Shown

Above: Clicking on a Marker reveals an Info Window with the SPOT information about that plotted line.

New Message Alert
Choices: OFF, Sound1, Sound2, Sound3, Sound4, Sound5, Sound6, Sound7, Sound8
You can have a short sound effect to notify you of a new pos.
This is handy if you are not looking at the screen at the time, or your browser window in looking at another tabbed window.

New Message Alert Set Volume
Select the volume of the new message alert.
This only affects the sounds generated by VK Logger only, relative to your computer sound settings.
HF Choices: 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, 90%, 100%

To save your changes, click "Save Changes" button. - Do not confuse this with the "Submit" button, like you post a spot or chat line.

To cancel any changes, click "Cancel Update" button.
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