Help - VK Logger Registration and Sign In

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Help - VK Logger Registration and Sign In

Postby ADMIN » Fri May 30, 2008 4:26 pm

Please Note:
Discussion Forum registration has always been (and will continue to be) a separate process.

Put simply, you will need to register with both VK Logger and VK Logger Discusion Forums separately in order to use both.

Why do I need to register an account and use a password?
Simple - to help prevent somebody else claiming to be you.
You choose a password, and you enter this password when signing in each time.

To distinguish between a spammed account and a legitimate one, non legitimate amateur callsign user names are routinely flushed from the system.


To Sign In
1) Register, if you don't already have an Op Info account - details below
2) Enter your ACMA allocated callsign (CB callsigns, or other non-amateur callsigns are NOT permitted)
3) Enter your password
4) Check "Remember me" if you would like these boxes to auto-complete on your next visit
5) Click Sign In

If either your callsign/password is incorrect, then you will be presented with an error message:


How to register
If you do not have a VK Logger "Operator Information" profile, then click on the "Register here" link.


NOTE: All fields are mandatory.

If you are a Shortwave Listener, or TV DXer, etc, and do not hold a valid amateur callsign, then you will be allocated a pseudo callsign such as:
where n is VK state number
x is next available numeral

Once registered, please sign in using your callsign and the password you nominated.
You can always update your "Op Info" profile details later.

If you would like your callsign and pasword to automatically appear in the boxes next time, click the "Remember me" checkbox before clicking Sign In.

When you have signed in you will have full access to the Logger features, and be able to update/modify the associated online databases.

:!: I've forgotten my password

If you have trouble remembering such things, please write your password down for later reference.
The administrator does not "reset" passwords.
You are required to use a small amount of initiative, and manage your own affairs.


Above: 2/70/23 Logger screen after signing in.

The Logger screen is presented in modules.
On the left, is the main Message area, where SPOTs are seen.

On the right we have collapsible modules for:
Online User List
Recent Database Updates
Recent Forum Topics
DX Path Map
A Logger-in-Logger where you can keep an eye on recent "other" Logger SPOTs.
(HF Logger sees 6M SPOTs, 6M Logger sees 2/70/23 SPOTs, and the 2/70/23 Logger sees 6M SPOTs.)

These modules can be "minimised" if not desired, by clicking on the Module title when you see a +/-

As a signed-in user, you have the ability to delete and edit your own posts.
Click on the Delete Image and Edit Image icons accordingly.
Being able to edit a previously submitted post, allows you to correct for any errors.
Please edit your posts, rather than clogging up the Logger with re-posts.

The Adminstrator and appointed Moderators have the ability to edit and delete all posts submitted.

Any posts that are considered obscene, offensive, or simply baiting for an argument, will be deleted/edited.
Trouble makers consider yourself warned.
The Administrator reserves the right to block repeat offenders.

Before you can post, you must acknowledge the Terms Of Use.
This is a one-time formality, and a legally binding agreement.
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