Help - Introduction & Overview

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Help - Introduction & Overview

Postby ADMIN » Fri May 30, 2008 4:19 pm

Please spend a few moments reading the Logger Help topics to become familiar with it.
With limited time available, I'm afraid I can no longer respond to individual emails, or Forum "PMs", so please refer to these published Help topics.
If you find the Help is lacking in any way, please suggest possible changes in the Suggestions Forum in order to help our community.

If you request help on a subject that is already covered, you will most likely not receive any reply.

Being AJAX based, VK Logger makes extensive use of JavaScript.
Your browser requires JavaScipt & Cookies to be enabled.

VK Logger has been developed and tested on a Windows based PC running: IE6, IE7, Firefox 2, Firefox 3, and Netscape 7.2.
This site may not function correctly with other browsers, ie; Maps do NOT work with IE5.
Unfortunately I cannot offer support for Mac users viewing with a Mac browser.
(Simple reason - I don't have access to a Mac to see what is going on!)

If you are experiencing any issues, reset your browser back to default settings and try again.

You should only have ONE instance of the Logger running at any one time.

In USER CONTROL PANEL > MY LOGGER SETTINGS, you can configure which Logger is your default Logger.

To change between the 2/70/23, 6M, and HF Loggers, click on the appropriate button.

If you connect to VK Logger via dial-up or run an old 800x600 display, it is recommend that you configure the Logger accordingly in USER CONTROL PANEL > MY LOGGER SETTINGS.

"BASIC MODE" has lower bandwidth requirements.

Please note the "Help" link at top right
Clicking this will bring you to this discussion forum, where your queries should be answered.
If not, please post a suggestion in the Suggestion forum, on how your query might be (better) answered.
Due to family and work commitments, the VK Logger Administrator can no longer respond to personal emails, or PMs.

Above: 2/70/23 Logger when signed in

Above: 6M Logger when signed in

Above: HF Logger when signed in

If you find VK Logger useful, please consider making a small donation, every now and then.
Apart from helping to offset the running costs, a donation is very much appreciated, and encourages further development.
Information on how to donate here.
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