Help - Gridsquare Find when spotting

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Help - Gridsquare Find when spotting

Postby ADMIN » Tue Feb 06, 2007 10:12 pm

Finding the grid square of the other station/beacon/TV TX you intend to SPOT is as easy as "1 2 3".

1) Enter callsign, as usual, in the "Spot" box.

2) Click on the find icon: Image

A pop-up window will appear with the search results

3) Click "Use this grid" to close the pop-up window AND automatically cut & paste this grid into the DX Grid box

Alternatively, if you do NOT wish to use this grid square, simply click on "Close this window".

Above: Example 1, finding grid square of A35RK

Above: Click on "Use this Grid", and popup disappears, and the grid is automatically put in the DX Grid box

Above: Example 2, finding grid square of VK7RST beacon.

Above: Example 3, finding grid square of ZL Network TV1 stations on 45MHz
EIRP and location are given.

In the above example there are many results from the "Earlywarns" database.
You can decide which entry is valid, if any.
Most likely, the higher powered outlet.
Hint: To narrow it down, you could crosscheck with what you are actually hearing on 55MHz.

Above: Example 4, 2m is hotting up and you're hearing something on 5A.
Enter a generic callsign such as "5A".
Click the Find icon Image and results follow.

If you enter a generic callsign for search purposes, consider entering the full callsign once you know the grid.
ie; ABWV5A, instead of just 5A.
This will make your spot more meaningful to others.

Potential results are sourced in this order:
From the;
1) Op Info database
2) Beacon database
3) Repeater database
4) Early Warnings database

If the callsign of what you are seeking is not in any of these databases, then you're out of luck! :cry:
The popup can be resized and moved to accomodate multiple results.

If you do not wish to use the grid square found, and close the pop-up, click on the "Close this window" link.

:!: To state the obvious, you have to enable popups from
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