Video: About the Mapping page

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Video: About the Mapping page

Postby ADMIN » Mon Jun 16, 2014 8:46 pm

Learn how to:
  • Change Map Type
  • Determine a latitude & longitude and Grid Square (to 8 characters)
  • Copy lat/long to clipboard
  • Set an Origin
  • Hide a Path Line
  • Add Terrain Profiling
  • Erase Overlays
  • Draw a Radius
  • Locate a Grid Square (to 8 characters)
  • Geocode to a location
  • Locate Beacons
  • Street View
  • Locate Repeaters
  • Determine distance, bearing, & terrain profile between markers
  • Show Portable (only) profiles
  • Locate Early Warnings entries
  • Show historical VK Logger spots

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