ISS clearly Visible over Sydney Tonight

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ISS clearly Visible over Sydney Tonight

Post by VK2XTC » Mon Feb 29, 2016 8:08 pm

The International space station did a pass over Sydney tonight and was clearly visible in the night sky as it raced over head.

It was brighter than the Aircraft lights on planes landing at Sydney Airport. Much Brighter than the southern cross for the bulk of the pass.

Was wondering if anyone has tried to time it to take a photo through a telescope of it as it passes ?

Also ,it's still quite visible from Sydney as it passes over the coast of the south Island of New Zealand.
Which is visually about 30 degrees I'd guess above the visual horizon.



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Re: ISS clearly Visible over Sydney Tonight

Post by VK2AVR » Mon Feb 29, 2016 10:43 pm

Due to the speed it moves, tracking it in a telescope is difficult. There are people who have managed and either taken a guided shot or used the moon as a backdrop and captured a silhouette. But the ISS is very small in angular terms, and it is moving very fast.

Taking a long exposure using a basic camera can produce an impressive trail, but mostly I just find it amazing to watch something whizz over our heads at 8km/sec :)

Best was when the shuttle had launched a day earlier and we saw 2 bright dots chasing each other in the sky.

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