Low band antennas

630m (472 kHz) - 10 m (29 MHz) antennas, propagation, operating, etc
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Re: Low band antennas

Postby VK3PA » Tue Feb 26, 2008 12:36 pm

try a 90 ft top loaded vertical with gnd radials u hve enough room es a fleg Antenna for RX'n for 160m ..For 80m 4 square i use a triangle phased array es hve Beverage ant x 6 es a rotateable flag for RX'n.. I hve 250 plus on 80m!!

Re: Low band antennas

Postby VK7AXZ » Sun Mar 02, 2008 10:54 pm

Don't just put up a standard 80m inverted V, get a roll of cheap RG58 and put up a double bazooka in the widest Inv. V formation you can - wide band, low noise and very effective. At a centre height of 50ft it should work very well.

There is much more info than this avail. but this gives the basics.

Another useful tool is a recieving loop only a few feet off the ground, often stuck around a perimeter fence - very quiet but effective if tuned to freq. Then use a tuned vertical for transmitting only. Verticals might be noisy on recieve, but remain a most effective transmitting antenna.

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