Got my 3ele LFA Yagi up

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Got my 3ele LFA Yagi up

Postby VK2GOM » Tue Feb 09, 2010 12:49 pm

It's a bit of a lash up as far as the 5.5m mast goes - I used a Bunnings ground screw for the bottom end to sit in, and the other point is attached with the same aluminium bar I use to support the mast against my 4x4 roof bars, only this time to the washing line. Rotation remains the run-downstairs-armstrong-method :roll:

I think I'll only be able to put the antenna up when there is any 6m action. Other times, it will have to come down and lay in the yard. I wouldn't trust the mast arrangement in any sort of wind.

On the upside, Justin G0KSC's dimensions worked out spot on, and the SWR hardly moves my meter between 50.00 and 50.300MHz.

73 - Rob VK2GOM / G0MOH


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