E51 activity and alerts

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E51 activity and alerts

Post by ZL1RS » Tue Dec 15, 2009 12:24 pm

South Cook
The E51USA beacon was pounding in here last night but Victor E51CG was out at the movies.

Victors says:
Let the Guys know that Texting is a good way to contact me if I'm not on VKLogger
Or a couple of One ringers then I will get on 50.105

Victor's home number for "one ringers" is in the "Op Info" on the VK Logger, and his mobile phone number for a "6M band open" text message is: +68253480 (that is the whole number, including country code).

North Cook
Warwick E51WL regularly puts his 6M radio in beacon mode on 50.048 when he is hearing "indicators" from VK/ZL. He has programmed a pause of several seconds between beacon ID's where the radio is listening "split" on 50.110 USB. I managed to "break" him last evening by listening on 50.048 and calling him on 50.1107 CW as soon as the beacon ID paused. After just 3 calls he replied on 50.1107 CW for a short QSO.

Good luck working both DXCC entities - North and South Cook Islands !
Bob, ZL1RS in the Bay of Islands at RF64vs

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