6m TEP at Solar Min.

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6m TEP at Solar Min.

Post by VK2ZRH » Sun Oct 25, 2009 10:17 am

"Proof of the pudding is in the eating."

Extracts from VKlogger:

This looks like either Evening TEP, or perhaps "extended" Afternoon TEP.

19-Oct-09 07:02 E51CG >> NH6P in BK29 on 50.0450 BCN 419 > BG08CT @ 4560.7km 6°Hearing NH6P Beacon Very Light on 50.045.00

19-Oct-09 07:54 E51CG >> NH6P in BK29 on 50.0450 BCN 599 > BG08CT @ 4560.7km 6°NH6P Beacon In Hawaii 599+10

19-Oct-09 07:55 E51CG Worked Bert KH6HI SSB

19-Oct-09 07:59 E51CG >> KH6HME/B in BK29GO on 50.0610 BCN 559 > BG08CT @ 4540.2km 6°KH6HME Beacon 559 NH6P Beacon 599+10

Estimated International Sunspot Number (ISN) for 19 Oct - 000; Observed 10CM Solar Flux = 71 (Source: SIDC). 10CM Flux 90-day mean = 69. Geomagnetic field activity was at quiet levels. (Source SWPC)

A touch of Afternoon TEP comes to VK.

24-Oct-09 05:05 VK4BKP >> JA1RJU in PM95SQ on 50.1100 SSB 59 > QG48OV @ 6367.7km 351°

24-Oct-09 05:08 VK4BKP Also JM1TWR and JH6SQZ

24-Oct-09 05:11 VK4BKP >> JA2IGY in PM84JK on 50.0100 BCN 519 > QG48OV @ 6394.4km 348°

24-Oct-09 05:25 VK4BKP Also Worked JM1WBB JK1TWQ JA1CUL JA1VZV

24-Oct 06:35 JA1RJU I have had good prop to VK4's at 0443 to 0515z. thanks QSO to VK4BKP.VK4KAY.VK4EK and VK4WM.

Estimated ISN for 24 Oct - 012; Observed 10CM Solar Flux = 73 (Source: SIDC). 10CM Flux 90-day mean = 69. Solar activity was very low. Active Region 1029 (N14W01) grew to a 13-spot bipolar sunspot group from a 9-spot group on the 23rd.

Moral: you have to be there, on the air . . . along with stations at the other end (ditch the belief that "it's Solar Min. and there can't be any DX"). :D

73, Roger Harrison VK2ZRH

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Re: 6m TEP at Solar Min.

Post by VK4GHZ » Sun Oct 25, 2009 10:49 am

VK2ZRH wrote:. . . along with stations at the other end (ditch the belief that "it's Solar Min. and there can't be any DX"). :D

Roger, that is the difficult bit!

I tried to enthuse KH6s two summers ago, but there was NO interest over there at the time.
With some luck, if the KH6s can work E51 regularly, then that might part spark a bit of renewed interest outside of cycle peak.
Imagine that!!!

Not ending there, E51CG also reported the K6FV/B beacon (that one does have a slash B as a part of the callsign! :wink: ) recently.
22-Oct-09 06:30 ZL1RS in an e-mail from E51CG today ... "Heard the Calif Beacon on 068.00 +-" (that was last night) ... apparently K6FV/B

To think we are only 2 Es hops away at this end. :cry:

I remember working JA in January was a regular thing, not just around the equinoxes, so it will be interesting to see if E51CG has a path to KH6 and/or W6 this summer.
That being the case, could an Es extension of that TEP path to east coast VK be a reality?

Paul A35RK has provided a wealth of Es SPOTs on VK Logger in the last two summers, and we look forward to what E51CG may offer.
The trouble, as always, too few active 6M operators in the Pacific region to collate enough meaningful data.

Adam, Brisbane
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Re: 6m TEP at Solar Min.

Post by VK4ABW » Mon Oct 26, 2009 9:06 am

I had a weak opening into JA on the 23rd oct. Pretty sure the SFI was about 71 (heard the JA2 & JA6 beacons).
Is it coincidence that we start hearing 50mhz beacons at SFI 71....or is it that there is sufficient illuminination of the northern and southern incidence angles of the TEP zone???

At around 66 - 68 SFI, i hear the chinese/russian tv, but i have never heard any 50mhz beacons until it reaches 71 or greater.
Looking back through my records, i started to work EU stations when the SFI was at 103 in late 99'.......so we still have a way to go.

So...with respect to the KH6's adam......we should be hearing them now.


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Re: 6m TEP at Solar Min.

Post by vk3six » Mon Oct 26, 2009 3:16 pm

Hey we got two more on no THREE ZK1 North ZK1 SOUTH and 5W0.

That leave about 65 countries inactive.

And NO TEP ROG just some 7000 km multi hop e's.

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Re: 6m TEP at Solar Min.

Post by VK4ABW » Wed Oct 28, 2009 8:43 am

mmmm sand flies 8)

2 openings to JA last year.....4 openings to JA this year (so far). condx are looking up.

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