Interference on 147.00xMHz - OMNI WEP-910D

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Interference on 147.00xMHz - OMNI WEP-910D

Post by VK2OMD » Mon Jun 16, 2008 6:04 pm

From Canada (WIA doesn't seem to have archives of its own news service that I could find):

Recently heard on 147.015 in the Logan Area to Brisbane's south has been a FM broadcast consisting of either music, a video or a video play station.

The carrier remains on even when not transmitting program material.

This made the task of possibly finding the source very easy and with his hurriedly constructed 2 metre 3 element yagi Terry VK4AAT set off to find the transmitter.

Needless to say after taken 5 or 6 bearings he was standing outside the offenders house. The location turned out to be 1.6 Kms from 4AAT's home with a good s9 plus signal, so you can see these devices appear to have a very high output.

It should be pointed out here that if you encounter a similar intruder under no circumstances approach the people you believe are responsible. Simply take a note of the address and ring the ACMA.

Now after ringing ACMA in Canberra, Terry received a call from their field Officer in Perth would you believe. He took details along with the offenders address and assured me he would contact the Brisbane Office.

It wasnt long before Graham Stephenson rang from Brisbane Office and a few days later another call from Graham to let Terry know that the address was correct, he had sighted the device and advised the owner that although this unit has been incorrectly C Tick approved it is in fact not permitted to be used due to the fact that it radiates on the 2 M Amateur Band 147.015MHz.

Apparently under the law ACMA has first to present the offender with an official letter and on receipt of this letter the device has to be turned off. Failure to comply is a $400 fine. Several days passed and the device was still on air, another phone call to Graham and shortly after the device was turned off.

It would appear that the unit sells for around $60 and the thought of having to pay $400 convinced the offender to turn it off.

It is worth noting that the Importers of this device in Sydney have been fined $1500 however, their distributors are still selling these devices. In Brisbane it is estimated there are around 60 units either on the shelf or in the process of being sold.

The device is known as OMNI WEP-910D Wireless Headphone plus Microphone.

This unit was currently being sold on Ebay located at Petrie.

Terry has it on good authority there could be as many as 160 of these units out there, so tune around 147.015 and if you find one in the Brisbane Area contact Graham on 32477170. Outside of SE Queensland contact ACMA on 02 6219 5555.

In closing Terry would like to thank ACMA and in particular Graham Stephenson for their prompt action in keeping our bands free of intruders.

Thanks to Terry VK4AAT, and WIA News

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Re: Interference on 147.00xMHz - OMNI WEP-910D

Post by VK3ATS » Tue Jun 17, 2008 8:07 am

Thanks for the info on 147.000 transmissions Owen.It now seems that this signal may be from a local source ,may have to sharpen up the 2M fox hunting skills.The signals were there for over four hours yesterday,however it has gone this morning. Terry ,VK3ATS
Terry Sparks
RMB 8093 Benetook Ave
Mildura Vic 3500

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Re: Interference on 147.00xMHz - OMNI WEP-910D

Post by VK2OMD » Tue Jun 17, 2008 8:51 am

Ok Terry,

A drive around the town will probably give you a pretty good localisation, but it would be good if you had a street address for the ACMA complaint.

Interesting thing is that ACMA do not confiscate the non-compliant equipment, so I guess it goes on Ebay the next week. As they are located, the are not necessarily removed from being a problem. I wonder if the ACMA advise the owner of the fines for selling non compliant equipment (if indeed there are fines for individuals).



Re: Interference on 147.00xMHz - OMNI WEP-910D

Post by VK5ARD » Mon Nov 24, 2008 1:13 pm

Just busted one of these here in Roxby Downs. Exactly the same device being used by a guy playing computer games. After knocking on his door a having a bit of a natter about it. He was happy to turn it off and stop using it. I have also done a few goole searches and found that they are all over VK. Must be a few of the out there by now. Send an email to the ACMA if you know where they are. I am sure that they may act if it is reported often enough. The address to report to is

Michael VK5ARD

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Re: Interference on 147.00xMHz - OMNI WEP-910D

Post by VK4TIM » Thu Apr 07, 2011 12:18 am

Hi All,

It is looking as if I have located yet another one of these offending devices, this one in the Brisbane suburb of Carindale.
It is located in a private residence in very close proximity to the Carindale shopping mall, and despite being in a hollow, it can be easily heard from many hundred metres around, and on higher locations over 1 km away.
This interfering carrier is radiating on 147.0067 MHz and is distinctly vertically polarised. I think these things may be radiating between 100 and 250mW EIRP judging by the strength of the carrier, and is radiating continuously.

Keep an ear out as I'm sure there is going to be plenty more out there just waiting to be heard.

I have also located another interference source, or or close to 147.000 MHz, but this is not radiating a strong signal, and may be something like an oscillating TV preamp or similar, as it's carrier is horizontally polarised.

I am getting good at tracing interfering carriers on 2m now!!
Tim, VK4TIM.
QG62MM, Brisbane.

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