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Forum has been archived

Postby ADMIN » Fri Aug 26, 2016 3:33 pm

Due to a noticeable unwillingness for hams to make an effort and post about their projects (which in turn helped enthuse others into becoming active), and promote their club activities, this Forum has been archived.

You cannot sell a secret, and a Forum of lurkers does not magically create content by itself.

It's no surprise that the secretive hobby of amateur radio continues down the path of self extinction into oblivion.
It's a great shame.
Most of the "older generation" hams are very knowledgeable, but when it came to openly sharing that knowledge on the internet, it was like trying to get blood out of a stone.

The Admin of this Forum always held the belief that:
• the easier you make it for others to learn about something, the more likelihood they will become involved.

It was never hard to take a few pictures, and do a write up of your current project or club activities.
Not hard at all.
It just required some effort, effort that most people couldn't be bothered with.

An estimated "apathy ratio" was determined to be around 98%.
That's right, only 2% of Forum users put in any effort.
The other 98% were non participating lurkers.

Make no mistake, lurkers are a bad thing.
They receive all the benefits, whilst feeding off others, with no effort put back into the community.
It's all take, no give.

On the other hand, Facebook groups see lots of daily content.
Facebook is quick and easy to use, and humans being inherently lazy, will take the easiest path.

Unfortunately most of what you see on Facebook is a pool of mindless dribble.
(There are exceptions however. For VHF/UHF/microwave enthusiasts, try )

The prolific posting on Facebook, especially when content was equally suitable on a Forum as well, demonstrates that people have become lazy and complacent and cannot be bothered putting in too much effort these days.

You cannot expect younger generations to search out difficult to find dead-tree publications, and then have to pay for them, then have to wait for them to be snail-mail delivered.
Believe it not, this is how hams still publish their information.
These hams actually do it for the ego trip of being "published" in a "paper" and notoriety amongst their peers, rather than seeing the value of making it freely available on the net, as it should be.
ie: Dubus, GippsTech Proceedings, etc

Younger generations expect to find everything easily available on-line.
And with high-tech hobbies such as drones, they certainly do.
Easy to Google.
Easy to learn about.
Easy to get involved.

Which part of this didn't the 'ol boys hams ever understand?
Truth be told, the 'ol boys couldn't care less about new blood coming into the hobby.
If they did, they would have made more of an effort years ago, and utilised Forums such as this to share knowledge and information.

For the ignorant, drones, especially the small ones you build up yourself and fly whilst wearing video goggles (FPV), involve playing with electronics, soldering, computers, RF, signal propagation and antennas.
This is where a lot of the younger generations are now, and it's a pity the secret hobby of amateur radio never opened up years ago so these tech savvy kids could find ham radio, as the similarities between the two hobbies are unmistakable.

quod erat demonstrandum

For those that still prefer to lurk on Forums;
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