W.I.A. discussion has moved to Facebook

W.I.A. discussion has moved to Facebook

Postby ADMIN » Wed Dec 30, 2015 11:28 am

As a direct result of too much bickering, arguing, and general nastiness, W.I.A. discussion is no longer supported on this Forum.

A Facebook group was set up specifically to discuss the W.I.A:


Therefore, this Forum no longer needs a W.I.A. Forum.

For avoidance of doubt, if you want to:

• whinge and moan about the WIA, and be part of a pack mentality vigilante group, the VK4TS WIA Facebook group is for you

• discuss WIA sponsored Field Days and Contests, post in the Contests, Field Days, Portable Operation, JOTA, SOTA forum, as per normal

• discuss licensing, regulatory issues and Exams involving the WIA, post in the Regulatory, Licencing & Exams forum, as per normal

This has come about because, frankly, we're all sick of the whinging here, and Facebook has become the ideal platform for keyboard warriors.

The old WIA Forum here has not been deleted, nor have any previous posts, it's simply been disabled, for now.

If and when a more suitable climate comes about where WIA discussion can be conducted here without the incessant moaning, then the situation can be reviewed.

People should also be aware of the increasing mental health concerns associated with heavy Social Media use.

... one must wonder whether the designers of Facebook would have rolled out the platform in its current design format if psychologists had been included in the original design team?

If you have the attention span, this recent article is worth a read: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/in-one-lifespan/201510/facebook-and-the-fear-missing-out-fomo

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